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Lit Custom Components for SVG generation

4 minute read

SVG markup is very similar to HTML, and the Lit Web Components library can be used to not only generate HTML custom components, but also manipulate SVG in a ...

JVM versus Python for AWS Lambda Functions

3 minute read

The suitability of programming languages across different domains is a contested topic. AWS Lambda Functions are a serverless solution that can be used for ...

Scala 3 and AWS Lambda Functions

5 minute read

AWS Lambda offer the ability to run code functions without a server. Basically standalone functions that receive JSON as a parameter and have up to 15 minute...

Scala (SBT) Publishing to Github Packages

8 minute read

Github Packages is a natural extension of a CI/CD pipeline created in Github Action. It currently offers repositories for Java (Maven), .Net (NuGet), Ruby (G...

Emoji Progress Bar for SaaS Integrations

2 minute read

The command line progress bar was the first step towards graphical UI. It was an exciting addition to a numerical percent ticking away as a running task too...

Reflections: 6 Years of Software

6 minute read

My last blog update was 6 years ago, and Javascript still seems popular. Is this a case of There Is No Alternative?

Reactive Front-End with Web Components

less than 1 minute read

The Reactive Manifesto puts together the ideal architecture for today’s system infrastructure, designed to cope with the ever increasing need for performan...

DOM Manipulation using Web Components

3 minute read

HTML elements are free to change the style, size, and placement of their children, and even their order. A lot of advanced use cases define rendering based...

ThreadLocal Variables and Scala Futures

5 minute read

Thread-Local storage (TLS) allows static variables to be attached to the currently executing thread. The most common use of TLS is to pass global context t...

Advanced Uses of Polymer Templates

4 minute read

Most sortable HTML table generators (such as AngularJS’s ng-grid) allow cells to be customized and formatted according to templates, however all templates ...