Steven Skelton lives in Toronto, Canada and has a Bachelor of Mathematics from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada. After graduating he was a consultant to large asset management companies in Canada, specializing in systems integration, account and trading calculations, and automation of workflows.

Today, as Principal Software Engineer at a global digital consulting company, he is working on web services powering a large ecommerce platform.

Executive Summary

  • Experience: 16 total; 6 years financial services, 8 years e-commerce.
  • Communication: technology evangelist, ways of working, project direction.
  • Proactive: architectural runway, enterprise best practices, industry awareness.
  • Cloud: scaling, resilient, secure, CAP and 95th percentile.
  • R&D: benefit analysis, feasibility, integration strategies, adoption timelines.
  • Data: algorithms, caching, serialization, read-write asymmetry, low latency streams.
  • Security: audits, SSO, OAuth, SAML, impersonation, encryption.

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